Tim's solo album "MandAlone" is a collection of his original solo arrangements for the mandolin.  

The eclectic repertoire includes three Beatles songs, three Brazilian choros, three film/TV themes and one Charlie Parker tune.  

Connell’s arrangements showcase his comprehensive musicianship and tonally unique approach to the mandolin. The arrangements feature complex jazz chords, walking bass lines and a broad palette of dynamic effects supporting the melodies. 

Also available at Connell's online school, Tim's Mando Lessons:

  • A full book of sheet music for all arrangements
  • Video demonstrations of all songs
  • Individual video lesson for each section of every song

MandAlone Repertoire
Odeon (Nazareth)
Here Comes the Sun (Harrison)
Lara’s Theme (Jarre)
Something (Harrison)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Arlen/Harburg)
Floraux (Nazareth)
Christmastime is Here (Guaraldi)
Yesterday (Lennon/McCartney)
Choro Negro (da Viola)
Yardbird Suite (Charlie Parker)